boyWelcome to the website of Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® (BRMT), a movement re-education and therapy program for enhancing brain maturation and integrating children’s natural reflex patterns.

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training is the only original Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) program developed, certified and endorsed by its founder, Harald Blomberg, M.D.   Dr. Blomberg’s program is backed by twenty five years of clinical research and application.  Our consultants receive training in BRMT, practice with their clients and conduct case studies in using this effective movement program.  Our highly trained instructors have extensive training with Dr. Blomberg in all aspects of Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training.

To parents, teachers, and therapists of children with special needs:

Are your children getting the outcomes you anticipated, especially with your current therapies?

Our therapy, Rhythmic Movement Training, will supplement and enhance all other therapies you may be implementing. This can happen because Rhythmic Movements link together different parts of the brain with the goal of bringing each child to their maximum potential. These specific movements assist in integrating the primitive, postural and lifelong reflexes.

For infants, children, teens and adults, BRMT is about resetting the foundations of brain organization and postural abilities by completing developmental steps that may have been missed because of pre-natal trauma or due to injury, stress or environmental conditions during infancy or later in life. Movements that exist as inborn motor, primitive reflex patterns and continue throughout our lives may need to be activated and integrated to help an individual develop normally and perform optimally.

Harald Blomberg, M.D. is a psychiatrist from Sweden with more than twenty five years of experience in helping children and adults with sensory and motor challenges, attention deficit & hyperactivity problems, emotional and behavioral challenges, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Harald Blomberg teaches Rhythmic Movement Training and Reflex Integration in Sweden and all over the world.

Books and publications – click to purchase:
Movements That Heal by Harald Blomberg, M.D. (2011)

The Rhythmic Movement Method: A Revolutionary Approach to Improved Health and Well-Being by Harald Blomberg, M.D. (2015)

Autism: A Path To Healing: A Holistic View on Autism, Environmental Factors, Diet and Rhythmic Movement Training by Harald Blomberg, M.D. (2106)