How to Become a Rhythmic Movement Training Instructor

Rhythmic Movement Training has the capacity to help individuals of all ages with sensory, motor, learning or attention problems, autism or ADD/ADHD, and adults with muscle tension and joint pain, as well as a wide variety of other complaints and challenges. The success of the method in individual cases is dependent on instructors and consultants having a thorough practical experience and theoretical understanding of the method. In order to preserve the good reputation of Blomberg RMT®, Dr. Harald Blomberg has developed an educational method for training highly qualified and professional consultants and BRMT trainers.  This BRMT training includes core course curriculum requirements and assessments, practical application, written case studies, and continuing improvement in theoretical understanding and practical applications. A BRMT certification is awarded to those completing the necessary requirements. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® is the original and only Rhythmic Movement Training endorsed by and affiliated with Dr. Harald Blomberg, MD.

Licensure renewal will occur every three years.  Practitioners also pay a yearly fee to the local distributor of BRMT material and are entitled to advertise on the website of the local distributor.

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Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® (BRMT) Consultant requirements
Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® Level One Instructor requirements
Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® Level Two Instructor requirements
Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® Level Three Instructor requirements
Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®in Diet, Pain, Dreams, Children, Exceptional Children, and CP Instructor requirements