Landau Reflex

Beginning at 4 weeks, an infant is able to lift her head when lying on the stomach.  At about two months, she can then lift her chest when the head is raised.  At four months, the infant starts to raise her legs while lifting the head and chest.  These are all developmental stages for integrating the Landau Reflex.  Around the age of 3, the Landau Reflex should be fully integrated when the child is on the stomach and can lift her head while keeping the legs on the floor. This ability develops the gross motor cooperation and coordination between the top and bottom, and front and back of the body system.

Some symptoms of a nonintegrated Landau Reflex

  • Challenges keeping head upright; supporting straight body posture; ability to sit upright
  • Low muscle tone, especially in the neck and back
  • Difficulty with attention and concentration
  • Problems with vision, specifically near and three dimensional visions
  • In depressed adults, the reflex is generally not integrated.  The Landau links body posture with emotions of joy and happiness.

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