Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®

BRMT is a movement-based program using gentle, yet effective, passive and active movements. These safe and gentle movements replicate the spontaneous, rhythmic movements babies make during the first year of life which are essential for the maturing and “linking up” of their brain and nervous system. In normal development, these natural, spontaneous movements help create new neural pathways necessary for brain development. In addition, these movements integrate the primitive and postural reflexes into an infant’s whole body system in order for the young child to develop and mature physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Why Rhythmic Movement Training?

The BRMT movements have been adapted from these natural, spontaneous baby movements and have been used effectively with infants, children, teens, and adults. They are suitable for anyone regardless of their age or disability. The movements provide stimulation to several senses, including the tactile, proprioceptive (the inner sense of our body) and vestibular (balance) senses, which all form the foundational basis of our sensory system.

As children move and balance in gravity, they also develop their motor skills, their automatic, conscious, and more skilled movement patterns. Together these motor and sensory skills support the ability to be stable, balanced, and grounded in the body and emotions. All this moving, exploring, taking risks, and interacting with their environment and others around them assist children in creating and expanding pathways in the brain for future development. This continual discovering and interacting also develops their speech, language, visual, auditory, and cognitive skills. In addition, children are further advancing their emotions, self-awareness, and motivation, and learning to play, cooperate, and connect through their heart with others.

All these necessary developmental milestones happen in a sequential fashion. This means that the child will need to develop basic motor patterns prior to building more complicated ones, each skill building on the previous pattern.  Whether in childhood or adulthood, stimulating new neural pathways through movement helps access more of the brain’s capacities. More dynamic use of the whole brain, body, and emotional system is accessible, as well as, the higher executive thinking and creative abilities.

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